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Yes I have started a Facebook Business Page .. But why ?? » The Greene Touch

Yes I have started a Facebook Business Page .. But why ??

Let’s get something clear I see them pop up daily most commonly for companies that have little or no Advertising budget and or really not Businesses , (just want to be dreamers) thinking social media Business pages a cheap set of Vista print Business cards and a homemade website is the way to be successful…. SO NOT THE CASE !!!

I see these pages and get requests to join them Daily, then days later they have never been completely set up properly or don’t post. Why ?? I will tell you, they don’t know how or really don’t value there business again if it really is a business.

Starting a business takes much planning, Knowledge and most importantly MONEY !!

To start a successful business you should expect to invest money up front and not depend on the few friends and neighbors that will use you as a courtesy till they realize the TRUTH. Your not experienced in the field, you use cheap equipment and have NO pride in what you do other then depositing there check.

I have seen small businesses as well as “dreamers” fail. In order to succeed you need to hire the professionals to handle your Advertising/ Marketing. I mean don’t you expect clients to hire you?? Social media, website design, business cards, flyers, price sheets, contracts and all the other so needed item are not items you can produce yourself if you think you can again,your wrong.

Another great pointer is to assume all funds collected for the first 6 months should be deposited and reinvested in this new business, so having a nest egg is the most important factor for success. There is no such thing as a get quick scheme or I have a great idea. Knowledge, and on the job training is the real key to success.

There are many social media platforms as well as do it yourself website templates that look and operate like crap.

If you have no intention or no desire to keep a social media Facebook Business page updated shut it down or hire a social media firm that can handle it for you . Our company has 25 plus years experience in the field of printing, website design, social media Banners, lawn signs, contracts and so much more.

The Greene Touch loves to work with small business the call is FREE the advise is GREAT and our prices are FAIR.

Remember you never get a second chance to make a FIRST Impression. Please email us at we look forward to talking to you.