I Am Opening a New Business. Where Do I Start?

I am often asked this question after being in the advertising and marking industry for over 25 years and a proven track record of success: How and what do I do first? choosing the right Advertising company is a good idea.

I always suggest starting with branding. To succeed at launching a new business, you need a logo design that when someone looks at your logo, they understand your brand’s message without even realizing it. Next, I explain how I have seen the industry (and small business marketing) change from things like the phone books, coupon books, and mailers to the internet. In today’s market, you’ll need a custom-designed fully responsive website that not only looks good but was created from the ground up by a team of professional web designers and developers. A site that performs well on desktop and mobile devices, one that is easily found and scraped by Google to properly place you in organic search results so customers can find your services (known as SEO).

So, to answer people’s most asked questions, you need to start with branding and website design. For more information, please contact The Greene Touch for a free no obligation phone consultation at 732-308-3811 or 561-360-2200 or on line at www.webprintmore.com where custom website design starts at $399.00

Remeber you never get a second chance to make a FIRST Impression!