One valuable tool needed during Hurricane Irma Lake Worth Florida

Now that Hurricane Irma has left the area many people are looking back a few days as they prepared for the worst.

It all started just after Labor Day weekend, Lake Worth Florida as well as the whole state began seeking the many items to not only prepare there homes and families, but to prepare for after the storm, remember they did call for a category 5 to hit us head on.

The many items needed to secure our homes and families started were else ??? Social Media !! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat then of course it drew us all to our local and national news on TV (ADVERTING), I as well as many of you prepared buying water, non perishable food, flashlights, batteries, lumber, generators, gas and so on.

The internet has really become the hub to all of us yes we posted on Facebook yes we checked stores websites to see if they had the items we needed and yes to see if they were open.

Think about it yes Lake Worth Florida really lucked out and some not many that were not so fortunate and lost there homes or personal belongings.

As Irma left the area there was a moment that I as well as my family friends and neighbors took a deep breath and said “we made it”.

To think in less then a few hours 20, we had cleaned up and had power back.

To those of you who had damage yes it can be fixed to those who lost there homes or vehicles, new ones can be bought, I believe as of today 8/12/17 there have been no reports of any fatalities in Lake Worth and I hope that is true.

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