How Much will a website cost to design in Florida


Great question with tons of answers. How Much will a website cost to design in Florida??

Do your homework know what you want and what you need and with a little shopping you are likely to find a company that will fit your needs. Hire a local website design team here in Florida. The Greene Touch can help 

Companies, both large and small, want to know what a website will cost them before moving forward with such an investment. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer that can be provided without knowing their unique set of business needs first.

Very much like asking how much a house costs, the answer depends on a variety of factors, including how many beedroms, bathrooms or just how big or small you want it, what features and tabs are needed, the location, and the layout. A website is your business’ online home;

It really depends how much are you willing to spend for it? While smaller businesses can get away with a relatively inexpensive informational website ranging from $900 -$5,000, if the website is the backbone of your revenue model with a shopping cart or other advanced features, you can expect that the additional required functionality to increase the cost.

Typically, medium-sized business websites in 2016 can cost anywhere from $8k to $20k, while large (or web-based) businesses can expect to pay $10-100k+ for a website. These increased costs are all related to the amount of functionality. The more expensive websites have web application development needs (where specific business, membership, or complex e-commerce tasks are carried out).

Consider creating social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YOUTUBE and the many others that will help to increase awareness of your business brand.

With many years of success working with small, medium and large companies we know that you will find the perfect match.