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The Greene Touch offers custom logo design services that are unique and affordable. … Your logo is the first thing a customer sees in relation to your company—the backbone of your corporate identity and the face of your business …. Lake Worth, FL 33467 why not make the first impression a good one.

When you decide to embark on a new business venture it is common to think of many things but most people first think of a name, yes the next thing that goes through there mind is a Logo/Brand!!
Yes any successful businessman or woman will tell you is Brand Recognition AKA Logo Design.
Think about it we all know and shop and identify with companies that we remember so make it stick !!
Many big box stores, restaurants, and service industry leaders are successful when opening a new location, or offering a service in a different area due to there efforts with Branding, some examples I can think of out the top of my head are
And many more that have taken there Logo seriously and have greatly benefited from this First step.
Logo Design can be simple as well complex depending on your business and if you intend to stay local or to go national and or franchise or go public.
Hiring a company like The Greene Touch can guide you through the process as well as design samples and ideas that you may not of thought of, as well when completed we can print the needed items such as, Business Cards, Invoices, Signs, Flyers, Sell sheets, Flyers, Ad’s and so much more.
The Greene Touch uses only in house designers and works local to provide the Best Prices and Service in lake Worth, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Delray and all of Palm Beach County Florida.
Call for a free no obligation estimate you will be glad you did. 561-360-2200.

Below are the four most common types of logos used by some of the world’s most recognizable brands.


The Wordmark or Logotype (Text)

The wordmark is a distinct, text-only typographical treatment of the name of a company. This logo style is widely considered to be the simplest and most popular of the different types of logos. The creativity and uniqueness of wordmarks come out through the font type, size, text positioning, and color(s) used. Wordmarks are the preferred style for those companies whose name describes what they do, for those who have a unique name, or for those who want to increase their brand awareness. Notable companies with wordmark logos include FedEx, Coca-Cola, Sharpie, and Google.

The Lettermark or Signature (Initials or Abbreviations)

Lettermark logos are also text-only logos that typically display the initials or abbreviation of the company’s name. These types of logos are essentially used as a symbol to represent the company, and are often the preferred choice for those companies whose name is long, difficult to pronounce, or has many words. Popular examples of lettermark logos include Louis Vuitton (LV), Home Box Office (HBO), and Electronic Arts (EA).

The Brandmark (Symbol or Icon)

Brandmarks are simple, yet abstract, icons or symbols used to represent a company without the use of words. Small and/or new businesses should stay away from using a brandmark logo as they have not yet developed (or simply don’t intent to) the brand presence necessary to be recognizable to customers based only on their brandmark logo. The main benefit of using a brandmark logo for large companies with a global presence is that the symbol is recognizable no matter what country it is displayed or what language the viewer speaks. Famous companies who take advantage of a brandmark logo are Apple, NIKE, and Target.

The Combination Mark (Text & Symbol)

The combination mark is a hybrid of the wordmark and brandmark logo types, that combines the use of text with a symbol. The combination mark is the most popular logo type among companies (especially small businesses) because it allows them the flexibility of using the elements together, or apart. An added benefit of the combination mark is that it allows companies with similar symbols to differentiate themselves based on the presence of their company’s name. In order to create an effective combination mark, both the text and the symbol should be able to stand on their own. Some notable combination marks include those used by Xbox 360, Adidas, and Macy’s.

The Emblem, Badge, Shield, or Seal (Text Within a Symbol)

An emblem logo involves the company or organization’s name being incorporated within the design. These types of logos are derived from the historic use of family crests, making them the go-to option for high-end or iconic brands like Porsche, Starbucks (before the makeover), and the United States Navy. The downside to using an emblem logo is that they are considerably inflexible because the text and symbol are often virtually inseparable.