How important is it to have a good quality Custom Designed Business card ?

Business cards are one of the most common items a business owner buys first. Yet many people don’t even have a business, just an idea and a few minutes later on-line they have a business card $9.99 and do it yourself template stock layout, stock photo’s, and poor quality paper.


If you think that will do you are greatly mistaken in today age consumers shop around, the norm for home improvement projects is 3 estimates. Some not all consumers are price shopping the majority of them are looking for a good job at a fair price, so think about it for a min you are 1 of the 3 companies invited to a potential customers home to present your products and services, you provide a cheap poorly designed business card as you enter yes that’s usually the way it happens the home owner looks quickly and places it aside waiting to be wowed by your amazing sales pitch and you nail it now comes the price , now rember chances are you are not the first one there and if you are I sure hope you close the deal because there are others that where there before you and maybe some after you leave.

The homeowner will now have a vivid picture of you and your company yes the cheap card you bought on-line not the WOW Custom Designed 2 Sided Full Color Business card that has your Brand shown proud and layed out properly and uniquely . While your competitor has contacted a professional Full Color Business Card Designer like The Greene Touch and looks that much more credible and proffesinal guess what you just lost a sale. Think twicw before you buy $9.99 Business cards invest in your business and customers will not only see that but will feel comfortable giving you the job. 2 Sided Full Color Custom Designed Business Cards are our specalty call today we print and ship them to you directly anywhere in the US.