How frequently should you update your website design?

Great Question ???

We’re often asked by clients; how frequently should they overhaul their website’s design? And they don’t mean a subtle refresh or simple changes in content, but a complete redesign. Our answer… the average is 2-3 years.

The way the internet changes and the habits consumers have change so often that it is important to not only follow trends but to be a leader On-Line. Search engines like Google and Bing change there platforms.

The Greene Touch has always believed that change is good but leave it to the professional website designers. With so many companies on the internet selling Free or appear to be Free trials to do it yourself, Be assured you can’t the website design business is a Trade that takes a lot of experience for example Design, layout, photo touching, editing and coding to name a few.Stay clear of any do it yourself websites and or templates. It is important to give the correct first impression when someone visits your website or guess what you just may have saved a few dollars on a site but your competitor just gained a NEW Customer, Yours… 

EXAMPLE : You own a concrete company you have been in business for 20 years and do patio’s daily with your eyes closed, Yes you charge $6.00 to $15.00 her Sq foot and well deserved. Ok I can buy bags of concrete at the Depot for $4.00 a bag about 5 Sq feet per bag and save a ton of money on that 400 Sq ft patio. Question why not do it myself and save a ton ?? It takes experience proper preparation and tools and yes that cost MONEY !!  I can probably do it will be uneven, crack and so on .. GET THE POINT you CAN NOT BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE …………..  Website design starts at $399.00