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Essential Features of Every Good Business Website » The Greene Touch

Essential Features of Every Good Business Website

The first thing you must do is secure a good, catchy URL. Make sure it makes sense for your business, doesn’t have quirky spelling and or offensive words.

A good website should be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s more important for it to be useful. Before you even pick a server or type an HTML tag, you should map out how you’d like the website to work. This is important both for user experience and for SEO, since Google considers the content and structure of a site when it ranks for search. So, map out and mock up a design for the site — what designers call “wireframing” — and run it by a few friends to make sure it makes sense and is intuitive. “If they can understand the logic, so will the people visiting your website … and Google bots when ranking it

Smartphones and tablets are growing like crazy and the numbers are only going to grow as mobile devices become cheaper and more mainstream.,  80% happens within one hour on mobile sites, meaning that people are often browsing on the web with intent — they’re looking to do something, buy something or go somewhere. If someone searches for a restaurant on his smartphone, he’s likely to eat at that restaurant within the hour. So your website better be readable on handheld devices.

Good Hosting

is a must this will keep your website live and on the internet, a good support team with 24/7 access is a great benefit, shop around there are many providers Big and Small such as , Hostgator, Network solutions, The Greene Touch and many more

Good (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

So, what does this exactly mean? Good SEO is a pretty vague term. It means that you need do all you can to make it easy for people to stumble upon your site. A good SEO strategy is and should be to improve the rankings of a website. To accomplish this goal, your SEO strategy might need to include highly complex and time-consuming activities or you could get away with just performing the SEO basics, it would highly depend on your target keywords, the industry and the level of competition it faces.

So, a basic SEO plan includes activities such as creating a good website with at least 10 high quality articles published on your blog (for best results, keep articles over 1200 words and embedded with rich media),  using your website to build your social graph (Google+, ,  Twitter, mailing list), marketing QUALITY content on that very same social graph, such as infographics, image quotes, media rich articles, videos are the best, doing some link building by commenting on various blogs, answering questions and connecting with other blog owners and writing guest posts.

As your site builds authority, more people will want to work with you, link to you and it will be easy to get featured on bigger blogs.  This is a full proof recipe. Sure it takes time to build your authority, connect with influencers from your industry and drive traffic to your website, but hey, nothing’s easy in life. Be consistent, show a lot of hustle, and we promise you, you’ll see your business dominate on the Web.