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Best Practices for Placing Yard Signs in Your Local Community. Yes they WORK!! » The Greene Touch

Best Practices for Placing Yard Signs in Your Local Community. Yes they WORK!!

Yes they WORK !!

Think about it Realtor's have been using Yard Signs for years, most and I mean most Realtors will immediately place there sign on your lawn as a first step to selling your Home. Why ?? Cause they work ….

Lawn Signs work for all types of business and come in many sizes and can be made single sided or double sided, coroplast is the most common material used today and last the longest as well are affordable.

12×18 is a common size these lawn signs can as well be UV coated and are easily used with H Step stakes.(Need bigger or small yes we do custom cutting)

The message and layout is the most important so leave that to a professional graphic designer at The Greene Touch


Ask the owner. That pretty much sums up the basis requirement for placing yard signs on private property. If you don't get permission from the owner, don't put out the signs. It's really that simple.

And the best property owners to ask are the ones that just made a purchase, as well as friends and family that live in places that get lots of traffic !!

When you do get permission, remember “keep you message clean' when putting out your signs. What we mean by that is to train your staff how to make a professional display. Take a few minutes to review these pointers with each member of your team:

  • Stand Signs Straight Up
    As people drive or walk by, they'll notice if a sign isn't standing up straight from all angles. It seems petty, but it makes a better first impression when the sign isn't leaning at an angle. It also makes the signs easier to read from a distance.
  • Spread Them Out
    If the property owner has a small or regular sized yard, one sign neatly placed in a good spot will most likely be sufficient to draw enough attention to their property. If the owner has a large yard or even several acres of land, it's best to be strategic and spread out the yard signs. A good rule of thumb is to place the signs every 600 feet or in highly visible areas, but remember to not make the signs too distracting for drivers. And make sure trees or large bushes aren't blocking the view of passersby.
  • Check with the Neighbors
    When you've sold your product or service to a certain residence, take 10 minutes or so after your appointment to ask the surrounding neighbors if they'd be okay with you placing a sign in their yard for a day or two. Even if they say no, it's still a great conversation starter and, who knows, the neighbors may end up buying from you too! As long as you're respectful, you can't go wrong. Plus, when other neighbors see your sign in their neighbor's yard, it builds a lot of credibility for your business and reputation.
  • Simple Call-to-Action
    Design your yard signs with a simple call-to-action. Identify the product or service you're selling, include your phone number or website, add some urgency, create a clean design and let everyone know if it's a new service. And that's all. If you put too many words or too much fluff on the sign, you may end up turning off potential buyers.
  • Post It on Social Media
    Snap a picture of a recently placed yard sign and post it on social media! It can be a fun way to promote your business online. Again, ask permission from the property owner and, to be safe, avoid street signs, house numbers or anything else that can identify the location. There's no need to tell everyone exactly where you made the sale or placed the sign.

Keep in mind, most of these pointers should and can also be used when placing signs on public property. Most of all, we hope these tips help you generate some ideas of what to do with yard signs!