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affordable website designer Boca Raton, FL

affordable website designer Boca Raton, FL Design starts at $399.00 SEO, WordPress sites, social media marketing. Boca Raton FL, Delray, FL, call now 561-360-2200.

Websites Cost too Much. That Ends Now. Boca Raton, Florida

Great use of Keywords
The keywords you use in your content will get included, by us, in various places that reinforce that signal to google that you are the expert on said keywords. We’ll use your keywords in the page title, meta description, image alt tags, and page URLs.

Beautifully Designed, Sticky Sites
One thing Google loves to see in a website is for people to go there and stay a while. That tells Google that the searcher has found what they were looking for. Inversely, they hate it if someone clicks on a search result and then, “bounces,” right back to Google. We only build gorgeous sites that are a joy to use, so you’ll have the best chance possible of your visitors sticking around a while.

For Redesigns, Use of same URLs or 301 Redirects
If your old site had a page on a given URL, Google does not want that page to suddenly disappear. We’ll either use the same URL for the new page (preferred), or add a 301 redirect rule (plan B) so your old links continue to go somewhere useful and help your SEO.

Google Analytics and Web Master Tools
You can and should monitor your site traffic. It’s free and, with a little practice, relatively easy. We’ll hook your site up to these powerful tools so you can see how your traffic is flowing and make informed decisions about your content.

It’s said that Google considers 200 or so factors in determining how to rank the sites in their search results. Many of these have to do with the content on your site, its speed and usability. Other factors include indicators from other sites, like how many backlinks you have, the quality and relevance of the sites that link to yours, and whether you seem to have a thriving social media presence.

When we build a new site or conduct a redesign, we make sure to include great on-site SEO. We don’t generally write the content (unless we have been retained to do so), but everything else we can do to give your site great on-site SEO, we do.

Hire a company that works for you.

Our designers use the latest tools available combining attractive layout design with intelligent technology and ultimately create a plan that works for you utilizing web, print, and MORE!

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Why wait? Make the right choice, you will be glad you did. Every business needs “The Greene Touch”.